The ValorMar project integrates 18 companies and 13 research institutions. This project aims to develop four innovative technological solutions that add value to marine resources and potentiate their efficient use through integrating value chains and utilizing all resources in a circular economy.


Riasearch’s role is to set up an experimental IMTA with shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), halophytes (Salicornia spp.), and ragworms (Hedistes diversicolor), collaborating in the development of a new aquaculture production datamining software and establishing a new area for Salicornia production and new food applications.



Project reference



3 years (Oct/2017 - Sep/2020)


Valorização integral dos recursos marinhos: potencial, inovação tecnológica e novas aplicações

Project location

Portugal - North, Center, Lisbon and Algarve (NUTS II)


European Regional Development Fund

Operational programmes

Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico (SI I&DT) | Programas Mobilizadores (Aviso 10/SI/2016)

Total investment EUR 8 503 598.37                     |  EU investment EUR 5 679 831.18

Total investment (Riasearch) EUR 178 410.39    |  EU investment (Riasearch) EUR 134 368.95