INOVSEARCH is an approved project, prepared by Riasearch in collaboration with a fish farm using an intensive flow-through system. This project aims to implement a more sustainable and productive aquaculture system using the water effluent generated by an intensive RAS fish farm to cultivate secondary species, such as ragworms, holothuria, and halophytes using IMTA approach.


Riasearch has a triple role in this project. Firstly, to design and implement an IMTA system using a fish farm effluent from an intensive flow-through system at a commercial scale. Secondly, to model the data generated by this pilot system to improve this IMTA system. Finally, to train and demonstrate this system’s results in order to share the sustainability and economic benefits of an IMTA approach to other aquaculture players.

Project reference: Mar-02.01.01-FEAMP-0122